Guidelines for Authors

Call for papers: Fall Issue 2023
Submissions reviewed on a rolling basis

Thank you for your interest in submitting to The Roundtable Journal on Health Policy. To submit your manuscript, email a Microsoft Word document to

The majority of our papers will be commentaries, such as those seen in the New England Journal of Medicine editorials/perspectives (example). However, we’ll be accepting all styles of writing from original research and theoretical papers to short essays and health policy case reports. Specifications include:

  • Provide a title, author list, abstract (<250 words), main body (<3000 words), and references (minimum of 5 references, maximum of 40 references).
  • All references should follow APA-style formatting found here.
  • Type double-spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Any figures or images should appear not only in the manuscript file, but also attached as separate files.
  • Note: Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis via a true peer-reviewed process (blinded) to ensure objectivity and that articles are selected based on their academic merits.

RJHP has a broad scope and any submission pertaining to politics, public policy, or societal issues as they relate to healthcare will be considered. Given the two pandemics currently facing our nation, COVID-19 and anti-black racism, articles dealing with these topics are encourages (but are by no means a requirement for submission).

The Roundtable Journal looks forward to receiving your invaluable contributions to health policy!